About Us
In the midst of one of the strangest years in recent times, while businesses around the world were forced to quickly adapt to an endless pipeline of new challenges, Houston-based commercial printer InfoVine looked beyond the horizon of 2020 to see how customers could best be served in the future. The answer was to merge two entities that are a natural fit in the marketing world. Instead of letting a pandemic become an obstacle, we used it as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.
Our Team
Frank Hood
Richard Gaubert
Rafael Iglesias
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Merchant
Chief Marketing Officer
Lorena Iglesias, CPSP
Account Executive
Natalie Jenkins
Brand Manager
Aimee Rhodd
Senior Copywriter
Lindsay Brazeale
Art Director
Sean Guerrero
Production Manager
Dylan Amos
Technology Director
Tina Romero
Account Service
Alfred Trevino
Customer Service
A Holistic Approach
Until now, print shops and marketing agencies have worked in silos. Agencies managed printing for clients, and clients paid a markup for printing services. Headaches and miscommunication ensued. Not anymore. We decided it was time to bring full-service marketing and full-blown commercial printing together into one company, under one roof. Because, well, you deserve better.
We are now the first company in Texas to merge high-end commercial printing and full-service marketing. And we're ready to elevate your brand with our unconventional, holistic approach.
The InfoVine Story
For over 20 years, InfoVine has helped businesses and organizations reach more people with print, direct mail and personalized marketing. And we're continually evolving, adding new equipment and capabilities, to keep up with the needs and demands of the businesses we serve.
With our HP Indigo 12000 digital press, we can offer lightning fast on-demand printing, to-the-pixel print quality in brilliant color, hyper-targeted variable data direct mail, large-format printing, branded storefronts for ordering print materials, and even augmented reality. All this in addition to offset printing, routing and die-cutting, folding, stitching, perfect binding and way more.
Guerrilla Printing
The Big Guerrilla Story
Big Guerrilla was founded in 2014 in Houston to bring the spirit of guerrilla marketing—low-cost, unconventional marketing strategies that maximize brand awareness—into higher level strategies and processes. To us, it’s about adapting the way we think about marketing to manage brands in a more efficient way and maximize ROI for clients like you.
Sometimes that means not only thinking outside of the box, but throwing away the box completely. We don't develop creative just for creativity's sake, believing that form and function have to work together to be effective. And we don't subscribe to the “it's always been done that way” approach. To us, that's just an excuse to not put the work into making your brand the best it can be.
Instead, we strategically blend our talents with your business prowess to elevate your brand. This is not about us. It's about you. Together, we strategize and you conquer.
How We Do It
Let's get growing. Drop us a line or give us a call. We're ready.
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