To answer that, we've taken a unique approach and created a more client-collaborative agency — we include clients in high-level strategy.
We strategize. You conquer.
We’re your ally.
There’s nothing worse than ‘missing the mark’ when dealing with another company’s culture. So we’ve devised a different approach: bring our clients into the conversation. The best results are cultivated through collaboration, and it just makes sense. As we get to know you, your business and the unique challenges you face, we implore you to be part of the process as we work toward the evolution of your communications.
The biggest benefit of being involved from the beginning is that it takes the mystery and guesswork out of something that should be transparent. We continue to partner with you along the way, keeping you informed and engaged at every stage. You may not be used to working that way with your agency. And that’s a good thing.
We define. We plan.
How we chart the course.
Our strategic plan always starts with why. Why do you do what you do? Why does your business exist? Why do customers choose you? Through quantitative (how much) and qualitative (why) research, we’ll ask you the hard questions to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. By the end of this stage, we’ll know you as well as you know yourself. You may even know yourself a little better. And that knowledge will help us define your goals and create tools to execute a strategy—together.
Design just for design sake is useless in the world of marketing. For us, design is where art meets science. We just worked closely with you to develop a strategy. Now we know what needs to be done to create a blueprint that will effectively reach your audience. Our objective is not to shock, scare or overwhelm you with unfamiliar ideas of what your marketing should be, but to give you a creative glimpse into what your marketing could be.
Once we’ve landed on a design concept that you feel will take your marketing to the next level, we’ll start building it for the real world. This is where we move beyond the basic framework and evolve tactical pieces to spec. You’ll begin to see how our collaboration up to this point has created a foundation for a powerful market position that truly works for your business.
Even the deployment of your marketing campaign is strategic. Depending on what will work best for your business, we can trickle out your revamped marketing or we can implement a formal launch campaign. Or we can do something completely new. We’ll help you determine what is most cost-effective and brand-effective for you to reach your target audience.
Becoming in sync with our customers.
Big Guerrilla has evolved the traditional positioning model. We put a lot of blood, sweat and brainpower into creating a more comprehensive engine that combines several consultative concepts, all under one hood.
Our process is designed to be more efficient by finding gaps between what you offer and what your client needs. It’s robust enough for a large market brand and flexible enough for simple product branding.
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